There is no greater fire and environmental hazard than a leaking oil tank. Not only can it cause damage to you, your family members, and your property, it can also contaminate groundwater and other nearby drinking water supplies. It does not matter if your leaking oil tank is in the basement or located outside, it is an environmental concern that you should take care of quickly. Here are a few dangers that you may face, and the ways you can fix or avoid them altogether.

1. As a homeowner you are legally obligated to properly maintain your tank(s) and clean any leaks or spills that may occur. You have to abide by these laws that have been designed to protect the health and safety of living creatures as well as the environment. Such leaks also degrade the quality of air, as well as contaminating water supplies, and being the cause of spontaneous fires. So, it is not safe to stay near such pollution, and you should quickly get it fixed to avoid causing health problems.

2. There are many causes behind leaks. The major ones are in-tank corrosion, piping leaks, delivery oil spills, inadequate fill or vent pipe diameter, and tanks being placed in corrosive soils. As a home owner or a buyer, you have to plan ahead and survey the area where you plan on placing the oil tank. Make sure the pipes are of high quality, the soil does not have corrosive qualities, and the tank itself is made from durable material.

3. While taking the steps above help a lot, you still have to properly maintain the oil tank. Before you end up with a leaking oil tank a few questions you should ask yourself are: (1) have I inspected the tank in the last few months? (2) if I have an unused tank, have I emptied it? (3) are the tank legs on a shaky foundation? (4) is there any danger of snow or ice falling on the tank?

4. Leaking oil tank repair is a costly affair, though it is not as difficult as it sounds. You may try to do it yourself, but it is highly recommended that you let a professional fix it for you. The safest things you can do is to eliminate all sources of ignition and stop the leak, if it can be done without bringing any risk to yourself.

5. If, for some reason, your tank is beyond repairing then you should replace leaking oil tank. By replacing the old with a new model, your home will be a safer place. It does not take much time to replace tanks, so it is usually the fastest route to go if you are in a hurry for some reason.

Oil tank repair is something that you should not take lightly. You should contact a licensed professional company to carry out leaking oil tank remediation for you. ANCO Environmental Services has been remediating oil spill sites for several decades. They are fully licensed and will take care of your faulty tank quickly, efficiently, and professionally. Contact ANCO Environmental Services today for details and quotations if you have a dripping oil tank.