In the second half of the 20th century, it was common practice to install metal oil tanks underground at commercial and residential properties. Although the short-sightedness of this method should have been obvious, the practice was none-the-less widespread. The result is that many individuals and businesses must now content with leaking oil tanks and soil contamination. As the inheritors of these environmental problems, it is our unfortunate responsibility to clean up the mess. The good news is that new streamlined cleanup processes are easier to employ and more efficient than ever. Moreover, taking action now will be less expensive than waiting until the problem has multiplied. Here are a few facts to be aware of as you begin the process.


1. It is not feasible to fix a leaking underground oil tank without removing it from the ground. There is no other way to be sure that the leak has been completely stopped. Oil tank removal cost will depend on size, location, and other local conditions. Basement oil tank removal cost will tend to cost less than underground tank removal.


2. After removal, an oil tank must be decommissioned and rendered harmless. The oil tank decommissioning price will depend on the size and condition of the tank. When consulting a professional service, be sure to get a complete written estimate including all phases of the process including decommissioning.


3. If the problematic tank must be replaced, it is often best to do so with an above ground tank. These are cheaper to install and easier to maintain. New tanks are often made of corrosion-proof plastic or are double-hulled with plastic interiors and metal exteriors. It is sometimes possible to contract a single company that can handle removal, soil cleanup, tank replacement, and other related tasks. This is certainly more convenient, and can help to keep the oil tank replacement cost and other expenses to a minimum.


4. Because efforts to clean up the environment benefit us all, state and local governments have provided support for individuals and businesses who undertake the challenge. An affiliated remediation company can help direct you to funding assistance and help you through the process.


5. Proper consultation can help you replace a faulty system with a more efficient and cost-effective one. New technologies are available and may be applicable to your situation.


While the burden of environmental cleanup can be a heavy one, there is simply no other remedy. We are all beneficiaries of the rapid progress of technology, now it falls to us to clean up some of the messes. Like it or not, we owe it to our children. Despite the cost, remediation does not have to be a terrible burden. New technologies and efficient methods have reduced many of the expenses, and can help you to streamline operating procedures at the same time. A good consulting agency like Anco Environmental Services can help you to determine the most efficient path forward. Whether you need a quote for above ground oil tank removal cost, a heating oil tank removal cost quote, advice about soil cleanup options, decommissioning fees, or anything else, this company has the experience and technology to offer the right solution to any problem large or small.  Contact them today to learn more about your options.